iPad Basic issues and their fixes

ipad issues

iPad Basic issues and their fixes

iPad has been gotten positivity in the market, yet there have been a few issues which have bothered the clients. In this article, we will look the iPad basic issues that occurs

Since its release in April, 2010, iPad has proceeded to become one of the top bestselling devices. This widely well-known iPad delivered by Apple has upset the PC world with its cutting-edge technology. However, there are lot of clients that are encountering issues with their iPads. Apple, on its part has attempted to determine these issues by delivering a product update and somewhat, this has helped in tending to complaints, however there are still a few clients out there who haven’t been able to get rid of the issues completely.
Our store is well known for repairing iPads issues if you are facing issues that are not covered by updates then you can come to our store to for your iPad repair at Profiix SouthChase orange blossom trail, Orlando, Florida.

Cracked iPad Screen issue

Apple iPads are, nor is getting one’s screen fixed. Apple one-year guarantee doesn’t cover accidental damage, so except if your iPad’s screen has a hairline damage because of imperfect glass and there is no sign of dropping iPad broken.

Replacing the glass is substantially harder than replacing the whole touchscreen, since you should isolate the glass from the touchscreen and then glue the new piece of glass onto the old touchscreen. That is something you should pass on to experts. For iPad screen replacement or screen repair you should hire us at Profiix Southchase at orange blossom.

Cracked iPad Screen

Black or Blank Screen on iPad

if you don’t see anything on your iPad’s screen however you keep on hearing that the device is works (like vibrates, rings and makes different sounds,) it normally focuses to an hardware problem that occurs in your iPad. Frequently it’s issues with the actual screen or the cable that associates with the screen. However, it’s consistently conceivable that there is a software or iOS issue. So, you need expert to repair this issue come to our store at Profiix Southchase with your iPads our experts will deal with these issues and will repair your iPad in a matter of time.
Black or Blank ipad Screen

My iPad won’t turn on

You press your iPad’s power button, and nothing occurs with your iPads. There’s no apple logo. Your screen locks off. Also, you rapidly discover that your iPad won’t turn on.

If your iPad shows a dark screen and won’t turn on when you press any button, you may feel that your iPad is broken and now you have to change it. But, don’t worry. There are lots of thing that can help you to fix your iPad. Firstly, charge the iPad battery if still nothing happens, then check the charging port if still its not working then there is any hardware issue in your iPad. You need us to repair your iPad. we can repair your iPad in our Profiix Southchase store in orange blossom.

ipad wont turn on

iPad running slow

There are many reasons why an iPad might run slowly. An application that is installed on the iPad might have issues. Your web connection might be moderate. The iPad might be running a in a operating system that is older or have the Background App Refresh feature empowered. Or maybe your device storage is full. But if none of the issues are running then there might be a software error that need to be repair soon. For this purpose, you can bring your device to our store and we will repair this issue quickly.
iPad running slow

iPad Frozen, Not Responding

Quite possibly the most well-known issues are iPad screen not working and its freezing. This is expected due to applications running in the background or corrupted behind this. First force the iPad off and then turn it again. If the screen still not reacting, you need to restart the iPad, in this case you should press and hold the Power button and the home button simultaneously for around 10 seconds. It worked when the Apple logo appears. If you are using new iPads without the home button, press and rapidly release the Volume Up button, press and rapidly hold the Volume Down button and afterward press and hold the Power button until the device restarts.
ipad Not Responding

Reset Your iPad Back to Factory Settings

If you want to sell your device and erase all the data on your iPad all you need to do is to reset your device, but unfortunately you are unable to reset your iPad. Stop worrying, we can help you to reset your device completely bring your iPad to our store and we will reset your device along with making a backup your data. Come with your device to our store at Profiix Southchase at orange blossom USA.
Reset Your iPad Back to Factory Settings

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7 Common Laptop Faults and Solutions

laptop common problems

7 Common Laptop Faults and Solutions

Huge chunks of the corporate world are portable, and they need processing power that can oblige that. Throughout the years Laptops have gone from massive and heavy to thin and lightweight. But, even with all the updates in power, size, capacity and memory, Laptop issues actually emerge pretty consistently. How delicate you attempt to be with your laptop, it will undoubtedly have a few issues ultimately.
Most of the people think that laptop issues must be treated through expensive repairs. But in our store, we do laptop repairs in cost effective way. Visit our store Profiix Southchase in orange blossom for your laptop repair.

Cracked Laptop Screen

Desktops are significantly more minimized work areas because of Laptops, with everything incorporated into one tight bundle, which makes such portability conceivable. However, Laptops are more susceptible to becoming harmed in if they’re dropped (or something is dropped onto them). If your laptop screen becomes broken, then your work stops and you are looking to replace cracked screen with new or you can repair your old laptop screen. So for this purpose you can contact us at Profiix Southchase for your laptop cracked screen repair at orange blossom.
Cracked laptop screen


Overheating can rob your laptop execution and frequently causes framework crashes and freezing. Each laptop produces lot of heat, however laptop general overheat because of their little size and absence of ventilation, and excessive residue can obstruct air vents and deny your system of cold air to cool off You can deal with the overheating issue essentially by clearing out the air vents with a smooth fabric. To avoid further dust obstructing, you can put a piece of separated fabric over the inhalation vent. Try not to put it on the exhaust vent, as that is from where the hot wind currents out rapidly. If you are still facing these issues then come with your laptop to repair this issue in some time.
laptop overheating

Keyboard issues

Keyboards of laptop generally stops working when there is a software error or issues in laptop or laptop will get terrible because of prolonged use or if you spill any hot drink or water. The keys can likewise become unstuck or exhausted. So if is not possible for you to repair it by yourself then we are here to solve your issues, we at Profiix Southchase repair and replace any brands of laptop keyboard.
laptop keyboard issue

Can’t Connect to Wireless Network

Internet connection is necessary for everyone but if you lose connection then your work or anything that you are browsing will be stopped and laptops are infamous for losing internet connection, which can be a significant issue. Before assuming that any type of network failure, try some steps, On most Laptops, there is a actual wireless button or switch the connection, and ensure it’s is ON. Then, at that point re-boot your router, again using the channel the power tactic, turn off your router, let all the juice channel out for 10-20 seconds, then, at that point plug it back in. and if you are still facing this problem then visit our store and our experts at Profiix Southchase will solve this issue after doing some processing on it.
laptop wireless network issue

Hard drive issue

A hard drive issues happens when a hard drive breakdown and the stored data can’t be accessed to with a configured laptop. A hard drive failure might happen over the span of normal; activity, or because of an outside factor like exposure to fire or water or high magnetic fields, o, which can prompt a head crash. The stored data on a hard drive may likewise be delivered out of reach because of data corruption, interruption of the hard drive’s boot record, or by malware deliberately destroying the disk’s contents. For any kind of hard drive issues visit Profiix Southchase at orange blossom to repair your laptop hard drive issues.
laptop Hard drive issue

Virus or Spyware Infestation

Nothing can handicap your system like malware. The main point of defense is always protection. It’s ideal to have a membership to an assistance to protect your laptop. Using the antiviruses that has subtle security suite that offers heavenly antivirus and spyware protection, backup files, and execution tuning without a complex UI. That also offers a firewall protection that will quietly hinder most threats while making the client aware of programs requesting Web access. To install a antivirus or any protection for you system, our Profiix Southchase experts can do for you and they will remove the existing malware if exists. Come today and secure your laptop with us.
Virus or Spyware Infestation

Laptop charging issues

This is perhaps the most well-known laptop issues. It is very direct as well. In every case, it’s the battery that is causing the issue. There is a way you can track down that out. First you can see whether the battery has turned by disconnecting it from the laptop and afterward plugging the charger to the laptop. If the laptop turns on and working well, it implies your battery has issues. In this case, you’ll need to purchase another battery for your particular PC model. You can inquire us in Profiix Southchase to buy a new battery for your laptop, we have stock of every brand in our store. If the PC doesn’t turn on with the charger connected and the battery is not in it, then, at that point it very well may be a charger issue.  you may have to get a new laptop charger. We also have a stock of new charger with all brands you can purchase a genuine charger for your laptop from our store.
Laptop charging issues

How much does it cost to repair a laptop?

Repairing a laptop is cheaper than replacing It with a new laptop. There are many repairing stores that near you. But its for you to chose a best store which provide effective and quality laptop repair service to you. We at Profiix Southchase are well known laptop repairing store at orange blossom we can repair your laptop in cheap price with quality service.

where can I get my laptop fixed?

There are many stores in USA, where you can get your laptop fixed. But there may be issue that what quality or service they are providing, maybe they will use duplicate parts that’s need to repair again after some time. Stop going to other you can come to our store we can guarantee you that you be satisfied by our service and you will get quality repairs.

Visit our store Profiix Southchase at S Orange Blossom Trl, Orlando, FL 32837, United States

Most Major iPhone Problems and their Fixes

iphone common issues

Most Major iPhone Problems and their Fixes

With regards to conveying smooth and consistent performance, iPhones without a doubt stand apart from the others. But that doesn’t mean Apple’s phones does not face any issues. There can be many problems with iPhone, Hardware issues, software issues, iPhone screen repair, iPhone back glass repairs, iPhone water damage repairs, if you are facing these issues Visit our store Profiix SouthChase for iPhone repair in orange blossom trail, Orlando.

Here are some issues that your phone may face:

iPhone Water Damage

Water damaged iPhones might turn on or not. There are many chances of losing your iPhone data as well. Indeed, even Apple doesn’t cover water damaged issues in its one-year warranty. Dry it by scouring on a towel and remove the Sim card. Try not to plug it or turn it on.

Tragically water or some other fluid in your iPhone brings about deficiency of iPhone data. But don’t worry, we at Profiix SouthChase deal with iPhone water damage issues and can repair your phone in affordable price, bring your device today and make it alive again. 

iPhone water damage

Broken iPhone

The most well-known way people break their iPhone is the dropping it or falling out from pocket or bag. This normally breaks the screen, crushes the glass back or harms the body. It depends onto the surface you drop it! The harder the surface, the greater the damage! Damage goes from something as basic as a scratched screen or some other issues to cracked or broken screens, broken buttons and or speakers got damage. If your phone is facing these issues, come towards us at Profiix SouthChase we will do iPhone screen replacement, iPhone screen repairs, buttons repairs or any other damage that your phone took. we can fix it in cost effective manners.
iphone broken screen

iPhone Battery issues

There are a lot of stores that deal with iPhone battery issues, However, if they get it wrong then your phone can face more damage on it. There are many peoples who approached us to fix their phone where the others have begun the maintenance but can’t finish it. So, if you are looking for good store to deal with your iPhone battery issues, then you can simply bring it to the Profiix SouthChase here we will repair your battery, or battery replacement, what service your required we can do.
iphone battery issue

iPhone Head phone jack

There is no issue in the most recent models as there is no hand phone jack, yet you have an older model, and there is some issue occur as your headphone jack is not working or got broken, we can fix handphone jack in our store Profiix SouthChase at orange blossom. Come with your iPhone and our experts can fix your iPhone head phone jack.
iphone audio jeck issue

Touch screen is not responding

Usually iPhone faces touch screen issues, where your screen is not responding or not working and its only showing black or white screen. Then you need to restart your phone but still it is not responding then your phone needs us. There might be an hardware issues, we can repair your phone at Profiix SouthChase and your phone problem will be fixed in reasonable price.
iphone touch issue

iTunes error

You are facing iTunes error 3194 when attempting to restore or upgrading your iPhone. It tends to be either a result of wrong firmware version, the iOS form that you are introducing isn’t endorsed by Apple or you are using an escape utility to upgrade iPhone. In any case, this can be fixed by making changes in the host files of your framework. If you are unsure about these issues, we are here for you. Our store deal with all major iPhone issues. Bring your device at our store and we can fix it in some time.
iphone iTunes error

Scratched iPhone Housing

The iPhone has worked on throughout the long term but if you are not using a case, you need to anticipate regular mileage. One query we get “Would you be able to remove a scratch” and the appropriate response is yes, we can remove the scratch if it is on the screen. If your phone has scratches on it, come along with your phone we can remove it in Profiix SouthChase store at orange blossom.
iphone scratched housing

Extreme Temperature

Hot vehicles can make iPhones begin to play up, malfunction and quit working. Regardless of whether left in a glove box the temperature in a vehicle over a supported period may rise and high temperature can cause damage the iPhone. And low temperatures also make damage to screens and delicate internal parts. We are solution of your iPhone problems; with the help of our experts, we can bring your phone in normal condition after working on it.
iphone extreme temprature

Dust and dirt inside the phone

Little residue particles can work their way into the iPhone and cause untimely disappointment of the loads up and little electronic components such as headphone jack, charging ports. We generally prescribe a case or cover to shield your iPhone from the most exceedingly terrible of the everyday dirt that floats about in pockets and packs. In our store, we can clean your iPhone and fix the issues that is caused by these dirt particles.
iphone dust and dirt issue

Lost iPhone Data

Regularly after iPhone jailbreak or upgrading to new version, you will lose iPhone data such as recordings, videos, contacts, and messages etc. In any such a situation of iPhone data loss, iCloud and iTunes reinforcement comes as a rescue. However, assuming you need to recover selective data just photos or videos or messages etc. Then you can come to us we can help you to recover any data of type in our Profiix south chase store.Here are some issues that every iPhone faces and we have every solution of your phone’s problem. Visit our store at Profiix SouthChase Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL 32837, United States.
iphone data recovery

Camera is not working

Your iPhone camera won’t work if you have any limitations that you enabled. You can check this by going through Settings and turn on the Camera setting which was disabled. But if restrictions are enabled and camera is not working or encountering any other issue with camera then we can help you to repair your camera at our Profiix SouthChase store in orange blossom.
iphone camera is not working

iPhone Charger issue

Yet another issue that iPhone encounter is the battery not charging when connected. It may be because of two to three issues, Wipe the charging port to eliminate dust. If still this issue exists, then check the USB cable in case it is working with other Apple devices or if other USB cable are working in the USB plug, if not and still your phone is not charging then there is a problem in charging port. Don’t worry we are here for you bring you device along with you firstly we examine your iPhone first then we will start repairing your device and can repair it in a matter of minutes at our store Profiix SouthChase in orange blossom with our highly qualified experts.
iphone charger issue