Features of new iPhones that do not work on the older phones

IOS 15
It turns out older iPhone models like the 6S can run iOS 15, but just the iPhone XS and newer model can use every one of the new features because of the A12 chip. Apple states that iOS 15 will run on every model from iPhone 6S (2015) to the new iPhone 12 (2020), anyway just the iPhone XS (2018) and its above model will approach the entirety of its new features that iOS 15 will release.
A significant number of iOS 15’s processor-heavy functions, and these functions will run on every device that have access to Apple servers, and these will not work on older Apple phones.
A12 Processor
What it comes down to the A12 processor, which made its introduction in the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. As Pocket-build up brings up, a few highlights new to iOS 15 will work on below models—simply not all the functions. The hardware impediment will prevent those with anything more that is older than a 2018 model iPhone from having the option to use 100% of what iOS 15 has to bring to the devices.

Which iPhone have the A12 processor?

The Apple A12 Bionic is a 64-digit ARM-based system which is on the chip that is made by the Apple Inc. It initially showed up in the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR in 2018, the 2019 variants of the iPad Air and iPad Mini, the 2020 form of the iPad, and the 2021 rendition of the Apple. Here are some features that are going to be missed in older versions of iPhones.

FaceTime features:

Spatial sound offers a more extravagant sound experience endeavoring to repeat the sound of a friends or family in the room. People who are using older version of iPhones won’t have access to Portrait Mode.

No large Maps updates:

iphone map updates
Most prominent will be the absence of vivid walking directions, where your iPhone will assist with directing you using augmented reality. However, user of older phones is going to miss detailed maps information such as trees, building and tourist spots.

Live Text:

live test
This feature will permit users of updated iPhones to look into text within photographs or screenshots and highlight them for more information.

Animated Weather backgrounds:

Animated Weather backgrounds
Apple’s Weather application will offer more animated backgrounds they say will better represent ideas like the sun’s position, mists and precipitation.


A great deal of the updates that make Apple’s voice assistant better at preparing your voice will not be accessible on older models iPhones as they are also going to miss offline Siri support.

Keyboard dictation:

Keyboard dictation
In older versions when user attempt to dictate text, it times out after 60 seconds. But in the new iPhone users will be able to do for unlimited times.

Walking steadiness:

iphone Walking steadiness

This feature which is only accessible on iPhone 8 and later models and it will show how you walk to decide your danger of falling.

These are some feature that are coming in newer model and older versions will be unable to access these features.

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