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PlayStation 4 The Best Gaming Console
Profiix Southchase is your all-in-one resource for cheap video game repairs located in orange blossom, Orlando, Florida. No reason to spend far too much to repair your Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and controllers anywhere else. At Profiix Southchase, we give excellent game console repair services whether it is for your PlayStation, Xbox, or Wii game systems. Our repair service is the thing that you need for all your gaming console needs.
Play Station Repairs

Play Station Repairs

Did you accidentally break your PlayStation 4 and don’t have the foggiest idea what to do? Have you tried sending your Sony PlayStation 4 in for repairs and got a helpless reaction from SONY? Don’t be sad. If you are looking for a ps4 repair near me then we will repair your console. We repair the entirety of the PlayStation 5 and 4 issues.

We guarantee to repair 99.9% of all PlayStation issues. From HDMI ports, to WLOD, to BLOD issues. We have heard a wide range of awful misdiagnosed issues with the PlayStation system, different shops haven’t seen a huge number of systems like we have. We don’t blame them; we simply don’t trust in their opinion. Leave it to Profiix to repair your PlayStation Consoles.

Our repair process for the PlayStation 4 accounts for broad testing and in case of significant repairs, for example, the motherboard repair, which also incorporates an interior system clean. We have gifted experts with a foundation in hardware electronic manufacturing who do chip away at all complex motherboard repairs using an expert reworked station (machine used in assembling).

Our Common Play Station Repair Services

Disk eject issues

The drive is unique to every PlayStation console. We can dismantle the PlayStation 4 Blu-Ray and repair any piece be it mechanical or electronic.

Laser issues/Not Reading Disk

  • Blu-Ray issues can cause frozen and stuck games
  • Get your Blu-Ray laser replaced today! we can have your PlayStation 4 laser replacement prepared in a couple of days so you can get back to gaming soon!

Blue Light of Death (BLOD)

Also known as the “blinking light of death” or “Blue Light of Death”. Is an exceptionally normal issue with the PlayStation 4 Console. It is typically because of the way that you have used your PS4 to its greatest limit. The Microchip basically fails to remain connected within the PlayStation 4 box, and it’s anything but a Reflow/Reball fix.

Play Station HDMI Port Repair

This is the main issue with all PlayStation4 systems. It’s anything but clear why everybody is having issues with the port? also, why it is breaking so without any problem. Despite the fact that we fix it here at Profiix SouthChase swiftly and effortlessly. We replace the HDMI ports with standard top quality HDMI ports.

Xbox repair

Quite possibly the most mainstream video gaming systems on the planet today is the Xbox. This gaming system is notable for its huge library of games and extraordinary features.
If you have an Xbox, there is a decent possibility that it will keep going for quite a while without the requirement for any repairs. In any case, there could come a time when a repair is required.
Thus, when you are searching for a gaming console repair near me, hiring a professional service is a very beneficial option. If you are in need of Xbox gaming console repair near me, find the Profiix SouthChase location to get your Xbox One running again.

Xbox repair

XBOX Repair Services

Issues with the Updates

We should diagnose your Ethernet or WIFI adapter. Verily there are issues with the hardware disabling a right update. In those cases, some may say your system is bricked. However, not at Profiix Southchase, Orange Blossom, Orlando. Xboxes are never bricked.

Xbox Storage Upgrades

This is an exceptionally normal issue with hardcore Xbox gamers. For the most part, you have systems loaded with data, games and different goodies. Suddenly you cannot put in your number one game to play since your HDD is currently full. We can update your Xbox One Hard drive without you losing any data.

Freezing at the green startup screen (Green Screen of Death) GSOD

In fact, a Reflow/Reball service on your CPU and additionally GPU helps repair these issues, however not all Green Screens of Death are something very similar. The Green screen of death (GSOD) issue ought to be diagnosed completely before starting out any repairs. Xbox one can get stuck on green screen often times and that is a major issue XB system is having. GSOD is turning out  to be a main problem and only treated with a visit to our store. Repair shops having BGA systems are the only safe spot for GSOD.

Freezing at the dark startup screen (Black Screen of Death) BSOD

We got that covered as well! The Xbox One can often turn on with the dark screen of death! There are a couple of answers for this issue and we for the most part have you back to the Xbox gaming world in the blink of an eye. In spite of the fact that sadly a portion of these systems do lose the information. because of basic chip replacements.


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Let Profiix SouthChase fix Your Gaming consoles

We have a strong team containing gifted engineers who have years of involvement with repairing gaming console issues.
Our principal point is to offer customized solutions for our clients to tackle every one of the issues they are facing with their gaming consoles. Every one of our answers are set at a value range that won’t hurt your wallet which in simple words means that we offer repair services in a much competitively cheaper price than others.
We lead continuous trainings with our specialists to keep them updated with the most recent technological progressions. 24/7 assistance, free consultation, and a speedy response are the qualities of our repair services.
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