Easy Steps To Fix iPhone X, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 Series Ghost Touch and Screen Glitch Problems

Screen Glitch and ghost touch
It happened to you that you are using your iPhone X or scrolling social applications on your new iPhone 12, and out of nowhere, it begins getting things done on its own? Well, at once, but when it happens again and again, there is an issue with your iPhone. This issue is known as the Ghost touch issue, and it happened in iPhones to most people. Many people go straight away and replace the screen, but it is not suitable.

How to fix ghost touch screen?

The ghost touch screen is mainly found in iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 series. Due to this issue, the iPhone touch is working automatically without anyone using it. If you are facing this issue with your phone, then this article will be helpful for you.
If the problem isn’t resolved by following the steps we’ve mentioned, you would probably need to consult a professional iPhone screen repair in Orlando. So, we’ll try to help you out through every possible way.

Following are the steps that can help you to fix this issue.

Close all backgrounds Application:

If you are facing this issue then first step you need to do is to close all the applications that are running on the background as it may affect your phone performance or maybe there is an error that is causing the glitch or ghost touch issues to your device.

Restart Your iPhone:

The second way is to restart your iPhone as it will refresh the device and it will clear all the cache that is stored in your phone. Restarting of device usually has been effective in several issues. So trying this solution can also stop the issue that you are facing.

Install pending updates:

If there is any pending update available then update it as there are many chances that pending updates are causing glitch to the screen. App updates can usually enhance your phone performance and it will remove the bugs that are causing your phone screen to be glitch.

Reset all settings on your iPhone:

Incorrect and invalid setting can cause your phone screen glitch. By resetting all the setting can help you to fix this issue. As these settings are customized so it’s important to reset all these settings as these settings also cause your phone screen touch bug.

Factory reset iPhone:

Some bugs cannot be solved with simple solutions. These need stronger solution to be fixing. If the above all the processes do not fix your phone then you all need to do is factory reset your iPhone. It is the advance solution that can help you to remove all these glitches. Factory reset can remove all the information from your phone and it makes your phone back to its basic configuration. This process will help you to remove this ghost touch bug.
After doing all of the above methods, still your phone is facing this issue then there may be issue with your iPhone screen. To repair your iPhone screen, you can contact Profiix Southchase as we can provide quality phone screen repair service in our store.

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