How To Recover a Water-Damaged iPhone?

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Water possibly does not occur when iPhones get dropped in bucket and pools or through rain. It occurs at the gym, playing golf, etc. iPhone water damage can happen anyplace. A solitary drop can unleash devastation inside an iPhone.

Each iPhone since the 7 has been made as water-safe, yet this shouldn’t be confused with being waterproof.

In short, water damage happens when water or another fluid comes into contact with an iPhone’s water-touchy hardware. In spite of the fact that fresher iPhones are less helpless to water damage than more established models, a little drop of water is everything to damage an iPhone. If your phone is facing water damage issues then you can visit our store at Profiix SouthChase, Orlando. We are the best iPhone water damage repairs in Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando.

What Does iPhone Water Damage Look Like?

Water damage can be self-evident or imperceptible. Some of the time it shows up as bubbles under the screen or consumption and staining inside its charging port. However, iPhone water damage normally doesn’t appear as anything — basically from outside.

What you should do quickly after you iPhone dropped in water?

  • Remove the iPhone from water quickly
  • Turn off your device quickly.
  • If your device is covered by any case remove it quickly.
  • Next you need to do is to eject the sim cards from your iPhone
  • Now you need to dry your iPhone from absorbent cloth to remove the moisture out from the phone.
iphone water damage repair
These are the following steps you need to do quickly to avoid any further damage to your iPhone. But if still your phone faces issues, then you need to contact us, we are here for you we will repair any water damage iPhone in our store Profiix Southchase in Orlando, USA. Whether you are using iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS or any old model like iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 5 we are best water damage phone repair in Orlando.

What to avoid when your iPhone is water damaged?

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If you think water contact is the most terrible thing that can happen to your device, reconsider. Things can deteriorate if you attempt to save it using insane techniques that are available online. When panic takes over, many people would do anything without knowing that it can cause long term impacts to their phone while trying to repair a water damaged iPhone themselves.

Try not to press any Button:

If you are pressing the button then you might drive the water further inside. If your Phone is still powered on, you might short circuit buttons contacts.

Try not to attempt to turn your phone:

If the water reaches out to the phone’s electrical components, then by turning it on you may damage its electrical components.

Try not to shake your phone:

Shaking could constrain water inside the device and near to the circuits, so it’s ideal to stay away from this otherwise it will short circuit your iPhone.

Try not to use a hairdryer to dry your iPhone:

The heat from the dryer could cause extra harm or influence glue used in the iPhone. Drying instruments, electric stoves or hot compressed air firearms can cause more damage to phones.

Try not to place your iPhone in uncooked rice:

By using these techniques, small particles could enter the iPhone’s body and they can increase the further damage to the phone. Rice particles could absorb dampness and grow up to multiple times their size, possibly causing more damage.

These are the few steps you need to avoid if your iPhone is dropped in the water. And if you are looking for the best iPhone water damage repair in Orlando? Then you can visit us we can repair your iPhone in some times and can remove the water from your phone.

Best iPhone Water damage repairs:

There are lot of stores who can repair your water damaged iPhone, but they may be high cost or may not be expert and that can cause further damage to your phone. We at Profiix Southchase will repair your water damaged iPhone in affordable price as compare to our competitors and will provide quality service to you.

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